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Every make and model of cell phone is slightly different.
They refer to that in the industry as progress. So depending on what you are using the exact step will be slightly different.
Both Android and Iphone will have a an apps call CAMERA. Use that. The quality of cellphone video and audio can be spectacular. Good light on your face and no distracting sound mean a lot. I suggest that when you are first learning the steps use a still image picture. It will go faster. The steps are the same for Pictures and Videos.

Lesson--Steps to download from
iPhone to
by Anna Molloy

Details Steps for Iphone 6

  • Record using the CAMERA app in the Video setting
  • View your recording, if good share if not try again -- This is the equivalent of your rehearsal.
  • Open your cloud drive call DRIVE or ICloud
  • Press + at add a File to cloud
  • Select the Video or Picture you wish to share.
  • Press Upload ( for video this may take a while )
  • Find the Video or Picture you just uploaded in your Cloud directory
  • Select that file and press the three dot a top of screen ---
  • Select Share
  • Insert the person to received the file (
  • Press the small Blue Triangle at the left of the screen
  • You may X out of the screen, the cloud should continue uploading
  • You will recieve and email saying we received the file and it work fine
  • You erase(remove delete) the file from your drive if you wish
  • Note these instructions vary with different cell phone model. Depend in the age of your cell phone, you may be able to all the step directly in your Camera application